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Coffee Pods: Nifty uses and how to recycle

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Everyone loves a nice cup of coffee in the morning. You may be saving money but what is it costing the environment? Here are some tips to be more eco friendly with your coffee pods at home.

  • Look for reusable pods and compostable pods. These can be purchased online.

  • Stay clear of plastic pods - not only is it harder on your machine but they can not be recycled.

  • Look into Terracycle to see if you can send off your pods there.

  • Check with your local eco shop to see if you can drop off your pods. Sometimes they have programs that they raise money for charity.

By using Terracycle or dropping your pods at a local eco shop, you are saving the aluminium from going to landfill! All you have to do is rip open the top (use your nails or a teaspoon) and empty out the used coffee. The pod is now ready to be recycled. But what do you do with all this used coffee? It's a great natural snail repellent! Simply line your garden beds or pots with this coffee and you'll see that there's no more slime on your garden. It should last for a few weeks and just repeat when necessary.

Another use for this coffee would be a body scrub! Here's the recipe: 1 cup coffee grounds

1 cup coconut oil

3/4 cup sea salt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract and/or cinnamon (optional) Use once or twice a week for silky smooth skin. Clean yourself as usual in the shower, pat dry with a towel (so skin is damp but not wet) then massage the scrub all over body. Let it sink in for a few minutes before hopping back into the shower and rinsing off.

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