Artist Dos and Don'ts

Show up on time - read your runsheet for when load in and sound check is
Go to other gigs around town to show support and meet other musicians - this will help you in the long run get you more gigs and shares when you release new music
Thank the venue and the person who organised the gig. It's a lot of work
Listen to local music
Make friends with local press - radio, magazine
Make a press kit
Send your songs to local radios
Have something unique about you - it will make you stand out from the crowd
Be yourself - people don't like phoneys - exception of alter egos or portraying stories - don't sell out
Contribute to backline - it earns you brownie points for helping out
Promote the gigs you are playing
Have a goal and steps for releases - new songs, album, music video

Show up when you are supposed to play 
Leave right after you play
Talk yourself down
Be arrogant - you are not the best musician in the world and nobody will respect you
Expect a reply from big wigs
Rush your production
Put down others
Play every week (unless you are a hire band) - people will get tired of you
Get black out drunk at your own gig
Expect big things if you put in no work


"If youre gonna put your faith in something, then it better shape who you are and what people see in you."

Hayley Williams