A Vegan State Of Mind

Next event will take place on Sunday 20th of March 2022. Apply below.

A Vegan State Of Mind is a one of a kind symposium in Canberra. It aims to encourage the community to live sustainably and will teach people how to live a kinder and more compassionate life. This symposium is an entirely plant based event located in the heart of the city; Glebe Park. There will be live music, market stalls and various activities for everyone to get involved with. This event is family friendly and free to enter.


More Information

Things are looking up!
Over 400 people attended the last event in Glebe Park. Coming out of Covid, this event will get bigger and bigger with variety of stalls, live entertainment, workshops and many other wonderful things.

Stall Holder Requirements

Please note that this is a plastic free event. You are not allowed to bring non-recyclable plastic to the event whether it is a plastic bottle, containers or wrapping. If you happen to collect any items that cannot be recycled or composted throughout the day, take them home with you and reuse/dispose of them properly.

It is a requirement for every stakeholder that is attending to promote this event in the upcoming months. This could be on social media (Facebook, Instagram and other), placing event posters around your business or flyers on counters/tables in store and through word of mouth.

You will be provided with a stall space of 3mx3m. You may set up and decorate your designated space however you like but ensure that all items you bring go back home with you. If you are using a marque, please ensure it is weighted and not pegged. We are using important public land and the use of pegs can destroy the grass and disrupt water lines.

Only authorised vehicles are to be driven inside the venue and no vehicles are to be driven on the grass. There are car parks surrounding the whole of Glebe Park.

We have access to the venue from 9am. You may arrive from 9am to start setting up. The event will start at 11am.

Food and Drink Stalls

If your business is selling food or drinks, you must supply your own cooking equipment and signage (Keep in mind common allergies). Please provide your own working space, eg food van or marquee.

Please make sure that all food on the menu is Vegan. Please ensure that your food/drink is served in eco-friendly containers that can either be recycled or composted.

If you are preparing hot food on the day, you will be required to use a marque to prevent contamination and also a floor mat that covers the entire 3mx3m space to prevent any damage to the environment.